Vending Locators Network

Vending Locators Network is a team of trained Vending Locators under the initiative and leadership of its renowned proprietor, Jayne.

Considered by many as the best Vending Locator, Jayne formed Vending Locators Network in order to fulfill the need of many vending machine business operators. That is, the need for a truly honest, trustworthy, prompt and professional vending locating service.

Many stories have been told about how vending machine business owners have been burned by other vending locators pretending to offer the best locations at supposedly the best price. They have been made promises they never received, guaranteed services that were never fulfilled. Some have lost their money on deposits without ever seeing one single location. You may even be one those who have lost time and money from such questionable “partners”. Well, look no further! You have found the best! (See Testimonials Page.)

Vending Locators Network is the wisest choice you’ll ever make for your vending machine business needs. Here’s why:

  1. We are professionals and we know exactly what we’re doing.

We have been in the vending locator service business for more than 22 years and have secured thousands of vending locations nationwide. We have a database of businesses all around the country so we have access to business establishments within the area of your choice. And with our highly trained and motivated vending locators, plus our very own tried-and-tested scripts, we can build your business and help you achieve your maximum earnings and profits.

  1. Our Vending Locators truly care about our clients.

At Vending Locators, we understand our clients’ concern for their business. We make sure to secure only locations that we would be proud to place our own machines in. With every call that you make, you shall be attended to promptly. And with every location order that you place, you can be assured that you will be dealing with our very own proprietor, Jayne. She will personally take 100% control in handling your vending location needs in under one roof.

  1. We offer vending locator services that most others do not.

Vending Locators Network provides value-added services that others do not such as:

  • securing vending locations from your list of preferred establishments, or your “wish list” (if you have one)
  • allowing our clients to visit each location and make the final decision before having to officially accept it
  • replacing locations for better business
  • extended business hours from 10AM to 8PM CST, Mondays to Saturdays, for your convenience

At Vending Locators, we make your business our business. Go ahead and make the wisest choice, and you’ll be well on your way to earning the profits you so rightfully deserve. Our Vending Locator is ready to serve you.

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