Bulk Vending Locator Review

Bulk Vending Locator Review

A bulk vending locator review can be a huge help to you when you are first starting out with your candy machines.  When you choose the right locator you can be guaranteed the best locations.  The hard part is finding the right one.  There are several locators that will scam you out of your money.  There are also several that want to help you get set up in a good location so you can make a profit.  What you need to do is find the right locator.

Know the Difference Between Legit and a Scam

When dealing with vending locators for your candy machines, you need to ask questions.  Any bulk vending locator that doesn’t answer your questions to your satisfaction should be avoided.  You need to know how they choose locations and whether they will charge you as one machine or several.  Believe it or not there are some bulk vending locators that will try to charge you for several because there are several heads on your machine.  They will also charge you high prices when all they do is send a post card to the different businesses in your area.

Have All Questions Answered

Not only is it important to have all of your questions answered it is also important that the answers are correct.  If the bulk vending locator doesn’t have the answers you are expecting look at other locators.  There are several to choose from that will service your area.  Questions that need to be addressed are price per machine for a location, how they choose a location and whether they will charge you before you know the location.  It is also important to know whether they can find locations that are near you.

Are You Expected to Pay First?

With some bulk vending locators you will be expected to pay before they disclose any locations.  This means you can’t check the location out first to see if it will be a good location for your bulk candy machines.  This could be because they don’t want you to realize they have chosen bad locations for you.  When you complain about the location being all wrong, they will charge you again for another location.  It is never a good idea to throw good money after bad.  Chances are if you are dissatisfied with the first location, you will also be unhappy with the second.  Don’t let them charge you to find a new location for you.

Finding Good Locations

Some people worry that a bulk vending locator won’t find them good locations.  They attempt to find locations themselves.  This can be time consuming and expensive when you figure all the legwork that will have to be done.  You should consider a bulk vending locator that is legitimate and can do a lot of the work for you.  There are lots of them that will be a big help to you and can take a lot of the work out of finding locations.  Remember to ask questions and don’t pay in advance.  You never know what kind of a location you will get. Another bulk vending locator review is coming soon.


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