Bulk Vending Locators Exposed

Bulk Vending Locators Exposed

Bulk vending locators cannot all be trusted to do their job of finding the perfect location for your candy machines.  They may not even try for the money you pay them.  This is rare, but sometimes they are nothing more than scammers.  Most of the vending locators are legitimate and will see to it that you end up with great locations for your bulk vending machines.

What to Watch For

Many times a scammer will ask for money before allowing you to know the location.  This should be a warning since they are only after money and may not care whether they find a suitable placement for your machines.  Sometimes they just don’t know the difference between a good placement for a bulk vending machine and a regular one.  Often they just don’t care.  Scammers will also charge you extra if you complain about a location and want a replacement location.  They may only charge half the original price but that is still throwing good money after bad.  You should not have to pay extra for a second location if they got the first one wrong.

Many bulk vending locators that are scammers won’t answer your questions adequately.  They will skirt around the question and try to change the subject.  Never go into business with a vending locator unless they answer all of your questions.  You need to be certain you will be getting what you pay for and that is a good location for your bulk candy machines.

A Good Locator Knows the Best Locations

Good bulk vending locators will know where the best locations for you are.  They will know that you need to be in a certain area so you don’t have to do a lot of traveling in order to refill and service the vending machines.  When you have to travel you can lose money if you can’t get to the machines in a good time period to fix and fill them.  This means a loss of profits for you.  Good locators also know how important indoor locations are to the bulk vendor.  Many candy machines are small enough they can be easily stolen or vandalized.  This is no good for anyone.  Also the traffic needed for the best sales is in waiting rooms, hospitals, doctor offices, flea markets, grocery stores and in some lunch rooms.

Don’t Choose a Scammer

With a few good questions you can learn a lot about the vending locator.  You can learn how much he is going to charge for each machine.  You can learn whether he is going to charge you extra for having multiple heads on your vending machine and you can learn how well he knows location.  These are all facts you need to know.  If you run across a vending locator that refuses to answer important questions you need to choose a different locator.  They could actually say anything so don’t be afraid to insist that everything is in writing.  This will protect you from bulk vending locators that are dishonest or don’t know what they are doing.  There are plenty of scammers but there are also good hard working locators that will help you.


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