Bulk Vending Locators Overview

What Will Bulk Vending Locators Do for You?

Bulk vending locators will find the best possible locations for your bulk candy machines.  They will know that not all locations will work when you have bulk machines that can be carried away by thieves.  That is why location should be so important to you and your locator.  It is important to choose the right vending locator if you intend to have profits and not losses.  Many of the best vending locators that deal with bulk candy machines will know exactly where your machines should be placed.  They won’t charge extra just because your machine has multiple heads and storage for candy.

Choose Locators that Know Your Area Well

When you are starting out and need to have the locations of your machines close by, a good vending locator will be able to find perfect locations that are near you.  They won’t choose locations out of your area.  Good bulk vending locators will set you up with locations in your area.  They won’t tell you to travel to get to the best locations.  Instead they will concentrate on the areas near you and find the best locations that you can get to.

It doesn’t do you any good to get locations that are difficult to reach.  When you are just starting out and must do maintenance and stock your bulk candy machines on your own, you won’t be able to handle long distances.  As your vending machines begin to profit and you add more machines to your inventory, your locations can change to ones that are further away.  Never allow a location that is out of your range just because it sounds good.

Should You Pay Upfront?

Many locators will ask you to pay for a location before they tell you where it is.  They will then offer you a discount if you need a different location.  You don’t need to pay upfront for locations even from bulk vending locators.   They should be willing to tell you the location so you can check to see if it is a reasonable location or not.  You don’t’ need to pay upfront when you deal with all locators.  Some still only charge after you approve the location.  They want to make you happy so you will use them again.  Often they are quite content to give multiple locations for you to choose from.

Why would you reuse a vending locator if they gave you bad locations the first time?  They evidently aren’t interested in repeat business or word of mouth advertising.  Don’t pay in advance.  Choose bulk vending locators that will let you check the location before you pay.  They will get their money with less work since they won’t have to find new locations for you.  Chances are you will be able to make a profit off the location since it is the right place for your bulk candy machines.  You would think locators would want you to be happy since they can do more business by getting repeat business and business from word of mouth advertising. Read our other vending articles for another bulk vending locators overview.


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