Bulk Vending Locators - Charity Program

Bulk Vending Locators are here to help you understand how the charity outreach program works. Charities help to make it easier to secure locations for smaller types of vending machines such as bulk candy machines. Many charities, both national and local, have a vending outreach program where they provide a sticker for you to attach to the vending machine. The sticker says that a portion of the proceeds of the vending machine go to benefit that particular charity. The charity generally takes a flat fee per month per machine.If you would like more information please contact Bulk Vending Locators and speak with a Bulk Vending Locator.

For example: $1.00 per month per machine.

Below is a list of charities provided by your Bulk Vending Locators that you can help support. Please feel free to read about each one so you can make a personal choice on who to sign on with.

National Children’s Cancer Society
A nonprofit organization that helps
children with cancer and their families.

American Association For Lost Children
A great and unique charity that finds and
rescues missing children.

National Federation for the Blind
The largest and most influential membership
organization of blind people in the United States.

Child Search
Christian based organization which specialized in
finding missing & abducted children.

Bulk Vending Locators hopes that you now have a clear understanding of how everything works. Call your Bulk Vending Locator today. We look forward to working with you in securing your vending machine locations.


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