Vending Locator Service FAQs

We have been offering a Vending Locator Service  for more than 22 years and have helped hundreds succeed with the best, most moneymaking vending locations.

Want to sign on but have some concerns about our Vending Locator Service? Here is a list of questions you may have with answers that may assist you at this time:

Is there a minimum number of vending locations required?
No. You may order as many or as few as you need. We understand that there are many new vendors coming on-board that only have one or two machines, and someone must handle their needs as well. We are here to fulfill that need.

Do you have any locations that I can visit right now?
No. Our Vending Locator Service only secures locations once a vending machine operator places his/her vending location order.

Do you secure the vending locations in-person locating or by telemarketing?
We secure all vending machine locations via phone only. In our experience this way is much more professional and much easier getting into larger accounts.

How much money will I earn from each vending location?
Your profit will vary depending on factors such as the type of establishment and regular foot traffic. Honestly, nobody can tell you how much money you’ll earn on any location. If they do – they are simply guessing. Rest assured that we have a feel for the best type of locations from the feedback we have received from various vending operators and those are the ones we try to go after in order to maximize your earning capacity.

Does your Vending Locator Service secure locations nationwide?
Absolutely! Vendors are scattered all over the United States so we secure vending locations nationwide and have for over 22 years.

How long does it take to secure my vending locations?
Securing vending locations for vending machines is a challenging endeavor, and it takes time to produce quality locations. Rest assured that we will get your vending locating job done as soon as possible. Remember, your business is our business, and it’s our business to make your business as successful and as profitable as possible.

I own bulk candy machines – Which charity should I use?
It’s a personal preference. Choose whichever charity you feel would have the most appeal. There are many charities that offer vending outreach programs, so take a look at some of them on here on our charity program page.

What type of locations does your Vending Locator Service secure?
Locations will vary depending on the type of vending machines you have. Click Here to view potential locations.

Do you offer a replacement guarantee?
We offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee because we are confident in the earning capacity and profitability of our vending locations. Click Here to view our Contract on replacements.

What if I just keep turning down the vending locations you provide me?
Please remember that securing a vending location requires patience and hard workand you cannot just continue to turn down locations as time is money. We have been in business long enough to have a good idea if a business has a good potential. Help us by providing specific information on your requirements.  This way, we can avoid any disagreements and build our businesses together harmoniously.

Does your Vending Locator Service have access to the businesses in my area?
Yes, we do. We have a database of businesses operating nationwide in all areas of the United States. We can pull leads by the employee size, cities, states, zip codes, etc.

Can I provide you a wish list of businesses in my area?
Yes! We would be more than happy to work from your wish list. Just remember to provide us with the name of the companies and their contact telephone numbers. Keep in mind that it takes a good number of calls to get a single YES, so do make sure that you give us plenty.

What methods of payment do you accept for my vending locations?
We accept payment by PayPal, bank wire transfer, money order and cashier’s check.

Are you affiliated with other vending locator services?
No. We separate our vending locator service 100% from other vending locating services. We stand by our own name and the service that we provide.

Do you offer discounts on your vending locator fees for larger quantities?
No. Unfortunately, we have set prices. Securing your vending locations requires hard work, and lower fees do not make it easier.

How many locations have you secured for vending machines?
Our Vending Locator Service has thousands of vending locations nationwide.

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