Locator Vending Locations

Locator Vending Locations

Profitability of locator vending locations is not the only thing to consider when looking for vending machine locations, but also the utilities available for your vending machine. Here are some common sense tips on which vending machine locations to avoid.

Try to stay away from placing your vending machines in companies that have no A/C. If you have a vending machine that needs power then obviously you will have to look for companies that will allow you to share the use of their A/C. Bulk candy vending machines, on the other hand, do not need A/C and can just be placed somewhere where there lots of people. Just be careful, however, to not place it in a front door where it is not attended, as someone could walk out the door with it.

If your vending machine is carrying food products then you also have to avoid locator vending locations that have a bug problem or an ant problem. Ants can get inside your vending machine and can ruin the foods you are selling. Bugs, on the other hand, are yucky. So be careful and ask them before hand if they have any ant or bug issues.

Avoid vending machine locations where the owner or manager tells you that they have had vending machines before, but since no one really used the vending machines, the vendor decided to move it out. Keep in mind that if the vending machine location worked for the vendor, then she should’ve settled there and did not have her vending machines removed.

The next vending machine location to avoid is a bad neighborhood where there are so many thieves. Nowadays, thieves and vandals have become more sophisticated in their ways to beat a vending machine. When theft and vandalism happened to your vending machines, the damage is often too serious that fixing or having your vending machines repaired cost you more than you could buy a new for. The money you earned will be in fact the money you will spend in fixing the machines. This is why you have to avoid bad locations as much as possible and choose a good area where your machines will remain supervised for long periods of time.

It is also wise to avoid vending machine locations where employees are working out in the field all day. Needless to say, that if employees are out all day, then your vending machines will not be of use. Make sure to place your machines in a location where it will be fully utilized.

Also, do not place your vending machine in a corner where nobody even walks to. Instead, secure your vending machine locations where there are high people traffic like a waiting area where your vending machines can attract a lot of people to buy your products so they can pass the time of waiting. Knowing which locator vending locations to avoid will not only help you to escape the horrors of a bad location, it will also help you achieve the kind of earnings you want.

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