There are a couple of steps you will need to take in order to place an order for your vending locations.

Prices may vary on bulk vending locations depending on your state. Some states prove to be more difficult in securing vending locations. States include: CA, CO, CT, FL, IL, MD, MA, MI, MN, NV, NJ, NY, OR, PA, UT, VA, WI,

Step 1: You must scroll to the bottom of this page and read the contract Agreement and agree to the terms and conditions before contacting us to place an order.

Step 2: Contact us to place your order 1-800-345-2202. We will send you an invoice via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account – you can set up a FREE Account. CLICK HERE

All locating fees below are based upon one machine per vending location.

$60 Bulk Candy Vending Machine Locations
Single, double, triple and 4 head bulk candy machines on a single stand.

$75 U-Turn Vending Machine Locations
8-Turn bulk vending machines such as terminators and the eliminators.

$250 Counter-Top Snack Vending Machine Locations

$350 Full Size Soda Machines
This includes full sized floor model Soda Machines that are 4 feet tall and higher.

$500 Full Size Soda & Snack Combos
Large floor model. This unit has the soda side by side connected as one single unit.

$600 Full Size Soda and Snack Locations
This includes a Full Sized Soda Machine and a Snack Machine.

$300 Small Soda & Snack Combos
This includes Stackable Soda and Snack Combo machines.

$250 Counter-Top Snack Vending Machine Locations
9 – 11 selection Mechanical Snack Machine that sit on top of a counter or a stand.


Please read the contract below so that you have a clear understanding of how everything works.

Vending Locators Network Responsibility:

  • Provide vendor the number of locations purchased.
  • Secure locations in the area that the vendor requested.
  • Will allow vendor to inspect a location prior to placing a machine.
  • Will provide a 60 day guarantee from the date we initially find a location to request a free replacement. (Up to 75% replacement of the total number of locations ordered.)

Vendor Responsibility:

  • Agrees to place each machine within 3 days from the date the new location was provided
  • Agrees to at least visit each location provided by VNL – not make a decision without going to first look and speaking with the contact person that was provided.
  • Agrees that on any replacement location – vendor must remove the machine from the business prior to requesting a new replacement location.
  • Agrees there have been no income guarantee claims whatsoever – verbally or in writing made by Vending Locators Network or its owner or any of VLN’s associates.
  • Agrees not to refuse every single account provided. If there is a good reason then it’s ok. If not, we can discuss this matter and see if we can’t work it out. Both parties must be fair.
  • Agrees to allow the VLN the amount of time necessary in order to secure the locations. Some states are harder to get accounts in but we will get them as quickly as possible.

This is the only agreement in place with Vending Locators Network and the Vendor.

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