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We would like to share our Vending Locators testimonials with you. I’m sure you’re just like everyone else – you too would also like to know the background and the performance of our Vending Locator.

We have been setting a higher standard for quality vending locator service for many years. With positive feedback from HUNDREDS of clients, we continue to build a growing customer base and have earned a solid reputation for quality and of course personal service as Vending Locators. We would like for you to also provide your us with you new personal  Vending Locator experience so we can share it as well.

We hope you enjoy reading a few of the countless testimonials we have received.

We look forward to becoming your Vending Locator!

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“I would like to say I paid thousands of dollars in locating fees to so-called vending locators since I started my vending business. I felt that I had wasted my money on a bunch of BS. I’m here today to let everyone know that I’ve been using Jayne’s locating service for a long time now. She has gone out of her way to make sure I was 100% satisfied with all locations that she got for my candy machines. Jayne has made up for the so-called locators that I had used before finding Jayne. I can happily say I trust her and she knows what she is doing. Jayne is a highly intelligent person in the vending field. She is the best in my book. I totally recommend her service to anyone needing a good hard working honest locator. Wishing you nothing but the best as you sure deserve it.”

- Kevin W., TX

“First, let me say that this by far is the very best locating service I have used. Jayne is so very helpful, knows this business like no tomorrow, and she truly cares about others’ success. If you need someone to get you great locations for your machines, then I would advise you to use Jayne’s service. She goes out of her way to help and has always been nothing but a phone call away when I was in need of anything. I would like to say thank you, Jayne, for your honesty and thinking of others and not just yourself.”

- Mary S., CA

“All I can say is… Wow! What a fantastic and nice person to work with. Thank you, Jayne, so much for all your help. I am very impressed by the way you do business and I will be a lifetime customer. Not only is Jayne a great locator, she knows the vending business so well and has taught me so many things I had no idea about in this business. If anyone out there is looking for a locator, just do yourself a favor and use Jayne. You will not find a better locator. Again, thank you so much, Jayne, and I look forward to working with you many more times.”

- Cathy P., GA

“Jayne is the most honest and dependable locator I have ever used. One of the bulk candy locations she got for me is an auto repair shop which does over $50 a month consistently for almost a year since she got it for me! She is amazing!”

- Charles O., NY

“I have a few words to say about Jayne. She’s honest, extremely knowledgeable, prompt, dependable, and a very reasonable person to deal with. OMG, she has more than helped me out with my vending route. Jayne has landed me some large accounts for my bulk machines. I challenge anyone to find a better vending machine locator to work with. Keep the great locating coming.”

- Todd B., SC

“Jayne’s knowledge alone is worth a million dollars. Jayne has taught me so many tricks in this business that work so well. She knows what she’s doing and has proven that to me many times over. I had been burnt by other locators before meeting Jayne and they can’t touch her service, and the ones I have personally used wanted one thing and that is there locator fee. Jayne, you will be BLESSED one day for not only thinking of yourself, and your honesty. Thank you for everything you have done and do for me and my vending machine business. I recommend Jayne without a doubt.”

- Susie A., NY

“Jayne has provided my company with great locations over the past year and a half. She is very easy to work with, but more importantly, she is honest. It’s very hard to find a vending locator that is honest with their clients, but Jayne has consistently been honest with my company. She has provided locations for single, double and triple head machines and she has been very responsive to my requests. Her knowledge of the industry along with her honesty will make me a long standing customer.”

- Angela N., TX

“I came in contact with Jayne on E-BAY about 2 ½ years ago. Jayne runs the most honest locating operation I have ever used. I used a couple other Locators before Jayne and they never stood behind there work. To this day I am owed 15 vending locations from one of the Locating company and never received a refund I was promised from the other Locator. With Jayne, it is a night and day difference. Jayne is fast in getting me my locations, stands 100% behind her work just as she says in her listing. If you are looking for an honest person to deal with, you will find that in Jayne. She’s the best! Highly recommend Jayne. I can’t thank you enough for all your help.”

- Jason and Sara T., CA

“I met Jayne through EBAY back in 2004. I was looking for a locator for my bulk candy machines. Her entry on EBAY looked professional, and everything she posted she stuck by. I called her number she had posted and as she said she was the only one I talk to, and to this day she is the only one I deal with. There are a few choice words I have to describe Jayne: HONEST, DEPENDABLE, HARD WORKING, PROMPT. It is hard to find a good locator for bulk vending machines, but I was very lucky and I found a GREAT one. ”

- Mark B., TX

“First of all let me begin by saying that my vending business would be almost non-existent if it weren’t for Jayne. She does an excellent job of finding vending locations for my machines and she is very good at picking just the right spot. My wife and I have been in the vending business for about 1 ½ years and have been dealing with Jayne for a little over a year. She has been good in giving advice on the “How to’s” of the business. I would strongly suggest that you read her book “Locating Success”, because it has been very helpful to us. I have tried other locators and none of their locates have stuck! Jayne is honest and very knowledgeable. I can’t say enough positive things about Jayne and the way that she does business.”

- Grant W., TX

“I’ve been pleased with the type of locations Jayne has produced for my Soda and Snack machines. I started out in the vending business a few years back and I used a number of different locating companies since I been in the business to assist me with some locations, but I have never had one that is as good as Jayne. She’s the best locator I have ever used in locating my machines. Very honest person, and she for sure does what she says she will do for you. Anytime I needed a replacement location she handled it immediately and never gave me a hard time about it. Other services that I used would give me every excuse you can think of. Jayne knows a lot about the business and has always been so willing to help any way she could. I just can’t say enough positive things about her. Try her out, she is the best you will find in locating your machines.”

- Danny T., CO

“I owe you big time! I promise to tell everyone I know to use your locating services. Jayne is honest, prompt and awesome! The type of service you have provided for me has made me your loyal customer. I just can’t say enough good things about Jayne and the wonderful service she provide.”

- Ken B., MO

“I have been in the vending business for over 15 years. I started in snack and soda vending. I used locators to place machines for me. I finally realized they were only interested in selling machines, not finding good locations for me. I had a person call me and offered to place my machines for me. I sent him $750. I never got a location. I had almost given up when I saw Jayne’s ad on E-Bay. I really liked the ad, and I wanted to see if she was really going to do the things that she said she was going to do. I have been buying locations ever since and am on my way to building a successful bulk vending business. I found that Jayne not only lives up to the things that she says she will do, but will do everything possible to help you build your business. A year ago, I would have said there are no honest locators. Today, I say there is one that makes up for all the others. Thanks, Jayne, for all the help you have given me. I hope to be doing business with you for a long time.”

- Charles L., MO

“Hello everyone! I got into vending around 10 years ago. I had used several locators and was burned several times. I thought to myself “what is the problem with these people?” So I started locating my own machines and was able to get myself a few nice locations. One day while out purchasing some product for my machines I ran across another vending operator and we got to talking and he brought Jayne’s name up as a fine locator and I thought to myself, please not another rip-off. He told me that she was a very honest person to deal with and gave me her name and number, and so I called her and we talked, and so I thought I will give this one last shot. I am here to tell you all that was the best decision I could of ever made since I have been in the business. Jayne does what she says she will do, and most important, she is NOT a rip-off by any means. She knows how to locate, and is so always willing to help any way she can. She knows this business upside down. She has taught me more than I can ever say. I recommend her to anyone.”

- Bill R., TX

“I first saw Jayne’s locating services on E-bay back in January 2006. She had good reviews so I bid for a machine location and won. I was not disappointed. Nineteen locations later I am still not disappointed. She has done wonders for my business. Jayne knows what businesses that yield the best locations and gets the locating done in a very timely manner. She will continue to do my locating and I would recommend her locating service to anyone.”

- Chris P., GA

“I first ran into Jayne in 1997. Jayne has been providing locations for my Soda and Bulk machines ever since. Jayne really stands behind her work and is very good at what she does. Jayne is honest, friendly and a very determined person to get things done. She really wants to make people happy. She has gotten me locations that I would never dreamt of getting my machine into. There has been a few times to where she got me a location that I didn’t think would work and so I would tell her and she would never have a problem with it and would get me a different location. She has made a dramatic difference in my vending route as it was not producing for me before I started dealing with Jayne. If you are looking for a true, honest person to locate for you and to get advice from, Jayne is the one. Thank you, Jayne, and I will be a lifetime customer of yours!”

- Kevin S., FL

“I was referred to Jayne from another vendor, and to this day I can’t thank him enough for referring me to such a wonderful person to deal with. She knows what she is doing and is very good at what she does. She has helped me grow my business and is always so willing to help with whatever she can. She really cares about other people’s success, and that’s a fact. I would never give another vending locator the time of day after using Jayne. I had been burnt by other locators and about gave up because I never could get anyone to get me locations for my bulk machines. I will stick with Jayne for locating my machines. She is as honest as they come.”

- Mike R., AZ

“I have been dealing with Jayne for 3 years now and I have been extremely pleased with the service Jayne has provided for me. Before I started using Jayne for my locations spots, I had used another company and got taken for $1,200. I never even got one single location from this Company. A pretty sad situation. I took another chance when I was referred to Jayne, and all I can say is, I have found a reliable person to deal with. She has always been so caring about my success with my vending business and has always been there any time I ever had a question. She is knowledgeable and knows how to get machines placed. She has done a wonderful job for me and I will use her service as long as I am in the vending business. Jayne is not a person that will take your money and run. She’s great! Thank you so very much, Jayne, for everything you’ve done for me and my business as I appreciate your efforts very much.”

- Bob and Katy W., TX

“I met Jayne on E-bay about 2 years ago. I saw her listing she had and it looked pretty impressive. Her feedback was great and so many people had such good things to say about her that I decided to make a purchase and try out the service myself. I was in for a great surprise. She did everything her listing stated and no less. She has still to this day treated me the very same as she did since day one. I was about to give up on the business due to a lack of good locations and never being able to find a good honest vending locator to help me. It seems like the vending locators I used before dealing with Jayne just wanted to fill me with big promises and never lived up to them. I would like to thank you for helping me find locations to place my Triple head bulk candy machines. You will be blessed one day for your honesty.”

- Debbie and Matt S., NJ

“If you want to work with the absolute best locator out there in the industry, Jayne is the best of the best and is my personal choice and will always be. I am now earning by far more money now in my vending business because of Jayne’s help. I just simply can’t tell you how much she’s done for me and my business. She gets the best accounts and knows just how to pick the good profitable location sites out. Thanks, Jayne, you are the best in your field in my book.”

- Holly V., NC

“I got into the bulk vending machine business in 1999 and have been dealing with Jayne going on 3 years now. She has always providing me great locations for my machines in a timely manner. Always giving me good tips, and is such a caring person. She is a honest locator. I dealt with locators before finding Jayne and it was a nightmare experience for me. I had been burned and taken advantage of more than once. There may be another good locator out there but I will never look elsewhere. Jayne is not replaceable in my eyes. Jayne, I would like to say thank you for all your help. You are one of a kind and are a true person that cares for others’ success. You are appreciated more than I can express. Let’s keep building my route so I can do vending full time.”

- Leslie F., WA

“I have been using Jayne exclusively for my vending needs. Her quality locations make me money and also saves me the time and hassle of trying to locate machines myself. Her honesty, prompt service and knowledge of the industry have me convinced that you cannot find a better vending locator.”

- Frank S., NY

“Let me start by saying that I have used several locators for the past few years. I had some good experiences and some real bad ones too. I can honestly say Jayne is the most reliable, honest, helpful and caring locator I have ever used. If you need a good honest locator, Jayne is the best. She knows the business in and out, and is very helpful. She has helped me build my vending business the right way. I’ve used Jayne for the past 3 years and will for the rest of my locations needs. Thank you, Jayne! You truly are the best in my book.”

- Timmy S., UT

“I have used Jayne for vending locating services, and I have found her to be very reliable. She is a business professional and has treated me very well. I have found her to be worthy of earning my business, as I have been a repeat customer for over two years now. She responds to all my calls/e-mails in a very timely manner, and I have found her pricing to be very reasonable. I certainly would recommend her to anyone.”

- Don P., TX

“Jayne, you are a miracle worker! I tried everything in my own power to try and get business to agree to allow me to place my candy machines in there place of business and never have any luck at all. I can’t imagine getting a better service than what you have provided me. Quick response to all my needs, more importantly, you were patient with my ignorance. You have earned my business forever. Thanks again.”

- Rita S., CA

“I would like to say that Jayne has provided me such a great service in helping me with my vending machine location needs. Jayne has performed beyond my expectations. I used many vending locators in the past and there is no comparison to the service Jayne provides. She is one of a kind. If you’re looking for a honest, very friendly locator that will do just what they say, then you will find that with Jayne. I would recommend her to anyone. Good luck to you all. Thanks again.”

- Keith R., NM

“At the time I ran into Jayne I was in need of a reliable Locator to locate some spots for my Bulk Candy Vending Machine. I had tried out a couple services and had bad experiences. I thought I would not try locators out anymore, but after talking to Jayne I thought, well, I think I will give it a shot one last time. I have been using Jayne to help with placing my machines for the last 3 years and have been more than satisfied each and every time we had any dealings. Jayne has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. I just want to say thank you so much for the wonderful, fantastic, caring, speedy jobs of helping me set up such a great vending route with great locations. I highly recommend Jayne to anyone needing locations for their vending machines.”

- Ellen D., TX

“Absolutely amazing Locator! If you are seeking a “Top of the line” locator service that’s knows what their doing, then stop here. Jayne is the BEST VENDING LOCATOR I have ever worked with in finding locations for my Vending Equipment. Jayne provides a professional service and takes good care of me and my locating needs, and always has since day one. I wish I had found her a lot sooner than I did. Thank you, Jayne, for all your hard work and great locations you have got me over the years.

Good luck to all you vending machine operators.”

- Jeff K., PA

“Prior to getting started with Jayne, I had used other locators with absolutely no results. I found Jayne and my outlook on vending turned a flip, and now I am so happy with my bulk route. Jayne goes the extra mile to help and is not happy until her customer is. I don’t know what your decision is on choosing a locator, but I know what mine is and that is Jayne’s service. Thank you, Jayne, and I’ll be calling you for more vending locations real soon.”

- Dianne M., LA


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