Vending Locator

A vending locator should find you the best locations for your vending machines.  Not all vending locators are going to do this for you.  Many will be happy just to find a location but they don’t check the location to see what kind of traffic can be expected.  This means you could end up with a location that has very little business for your machines.  When choosing vending machine locators you need to do your homework and make sure you hire the one that is going to find busy locations.  You want your vending machines where people will get hungry and thirsty.  You want a vending machine locator that knows whether to expect this or not.

What will a vending locator do for you?  He will contact places of business to see if they have a need for vending machines.  He will also see if it is a place that has plenty of business.  Sometimes there are businesses that would like a vending machine but they really don’t have the business to make putting a vending machine there with it.  You need a vending machine locator that will know the difference.  Often locators will use the phone to set up businesses with vending machines.  This is okay but you need to stop and think that the locator really isn’t going to know how well the business is at that shop.  It is the vending locators that go there in person that will be able to find the best locations.  They will see firsthand what type of business you can do with your vending machines.

To find the best vending locator, you need to know how they find the locations.  Always check with past clients to see if the locator is successful in finding the best locations for vending machines.  See what approach they have before you sign anything.  You don’t want to get stuck with a vending machine locator that only sends post cards to businesses to find locations.  They should at least be calling the business and have an idea of how much traffic passes through that business every day.  Have any questions you have answered so there are no more doubts.  Then you will be ready to let your locator begin working for you.

Vending locators will find places like bowling alleys, cafeterias, lunch rooms, hair salons and nail salons, family restaurants, hotels and motels, bars, Laundromats and car washes to set up your vending machines.  They will get approval from the owner of the business.  You can then deliver your vending machines to the businesses.  It is smart to always go there in advance to make sure the owner will be there to take possession of your vending machines.  That way you won’t deliver the machine and not be able to install it.  Choose a vending locator wisely so you can make money with your vending machines.  Make sure they know all the best places for your machines and they work to ensure you have a good location.  It is then just a matter of time before you start making a profit with your vending machines.

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