Vending Locators – 6 Key Things to ask

Vending Locators - 6 key things to ask!

What are the six key things to ask vending locators before actually making a decision to choose one? Because we all know that many of locators we found on the internet, or even the ones we have met in person, may be scammers. They may present us with a promising and believable proposal, but it is merely their game to run away with our money. With the fast growing world of vending machines business, we know that we cannot afford to lose our money for something that will bring us no benefits. The competition is so tight that it is crucial for us to count every penny that we invest in the business. This is why in dealing with location services, we must make sure that they are the right ones for our business. So, what are the questions that we need to ask them before making our decision?

The first key question is about years of experience. It is important to start off by finding out about the years that the company has spent in the vending machine business. The longer it has been in the business, the better and the stronger its credibility is. However, keep in mind that the answer as stated by the company must be cross checked with facts in the field. For example, through the company’s portfolio. If they said they have been operating in the vending locators business for ten years and have only dealt with three clients, you should start questioning their credibility. The second key question is about their approach.

Ask about how they are going to approach the possible locations for your machines and on what standards will those places be considered as qualified and unqualified. Make sure that their standards match with what your vending machine business is aiming for because otherwise, the goal of placing the machines at those spots will be different and your business will not be achieving the success you thought will be achieved. You must understand and agree with their reasoning to know that the spots they have proposed are the right ones for you. The third key question is about your involvement. Ask about the method of communication they will use to contact you with the progress. Understand how far you are allowed to be involved in the project. Will it be just for phone calls? Or can you actually tag along in the research process and survey the sites? This will show the level of service excellence of the vendor you are dealing with.

The fourth key question is on time frame. It is important for vending locators to be able to give a specific projected amount of time frame to complete certain projects. Experienced locators understand that vending operators want their machines to be up and running under the most efficient amount of time, so they will give operators the best possible time frame they can offer. Locators who refused or beat around the bush on the time frame should be questioned on their credibility, because it might be possible that their services are either not real or not as good as you thought.

The fifth key question is in the contract agreement. Make sure you sign a contract on the agreement to do the project of placing your machines together and read the agreement terms carefully for more than once. Do not sign paperwork that you are not sure about. And lastly, make sure you get a detailed explanation about the cost of the project. If you feel that the price offered by the locators is way too high, you should question whether those vending locators are serious about helping you out or they just want your money. Be careful and make a wise decision when you want to find vending locators.


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