Vending Locators – Questions You Should Ask

Knowing the legitimacy of Vending Locators is very important because of the growing numbers of scammers. While there is some difficulty involved in proving the honesty of vending locators, the number of cases filed in Better Business Bureau will help you identify if the company you are considering to employ is truthful or not.

If you are done inquiring with Better Business Bureau, then now is the time to “interview” or gather information about the company you want to do business with. Make sure to ask any vending locators these important questions which can prove their illegitimacy:

  • How long you have you been in the vending locating business?
  • What type of vending locations do your vending locators go for?
  • Are your vending locators or Service endorsed by a manufacturer or a distributor? If the company said No, then better watch out because chances are this could be a sign for potential scam!
  • Do you contract your work out to so-called vending locators? If the company answered Yes then beware since that would only mean they do not have their own in-house vending locators to do the locating of machines.
  • Does your vending locator service really honor location replacement guarantee?—beware of false promises.
  • How long will it take your company to secure the vending locations? If the amount of time they specified is unreasonable and cannot back it up with an accurate timeline, then better watch out.
  • Does your company provide a contract to sign? If not watch out, it could be a sign that they do not want to be held liable if in case something goes wrong.
  • How will you communicate with me? If the company only communicate via email then do not bother asking any more questions, use your common sense.
  • Will you allow me to make the final call on accepting the location?—If not, these Vending Locators do not really care about what you think and what your needs are.
  • Have you heard any recent complaints about your company? Even if they say no be sure to do your own research.
  • Can I pay the balance once the machine has been installed? If not, then most likely, they just grabbed up any location they could in a hurry and expect you to take each location no matter what or either is not willing to replace something that you do not want in the first place.

Some Vending Locators are indeed smooth operators who will only say the things you want to hear to get your money. They will make false promises and will persuade you into believing in them without holding on to anything that can stand as proof in case everything goes wrong.

Believe me when I say that no matter how credible any vending locators may seem, chances are they could be just another predator, waiting for you to fall victim to their bait.

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