Vending Locators

Vending locators are used to help you find a location to place your vending machines.  They will do all the footwork for you so you can just check out the location and deliver your vending machines.  Then it is just a matter of time before you start to make your money.  When you use a vending locator you will probably have to have a certain number of vending machines that need placement before they do business with you.  The number could range from 3 to 5 vending machines.  They will then find locations by making phone calls to areas that have a lot of foot traffic.  Vehicle traffic doesn’t count.  People don’t often stop their cars to use a vending machine.

There are certain spots that will produce a good business for you.  It is these spots that the vending locators will target.  Places like restaurants, auto dealers, bowling alleys, hotels and motels, lunchrooms, beauty and nail salons, billiard halls, bike shops, car wash, Laundromats, cafeterias, and service shops are all good locations.  These are the areas that get foot traffic that will stay around for a while.  It is important to find an area where potential customers will have the time to get thirsty or hungry.  Therefore you will want customers of these places to stay for at least 15 minutes or more.

Most vending locators will use the telephone to find the right places for your vending machines.  They will contact store and shop owners to see if they have a need for a vending machine.  If they do they will set up a time for you to deliver your vending machines.  It is a smart idea to contact the shop owners to be sure they will be there when you arrive.  That way you won’t be delivering a heavy machine for nothing.

There are some locators that will go in person to talk to the shop owners.  This usually nets more business but there will be fewer locations for you to choose from.  You will have to decide if a sure thing is better than several possibilities.  When you hire a vending locator they will make sure that all your vending machines are placed in lucrative areas.  It is for the best of the locator, you and the shop owner to have the vending machines placed.

Always check out vending locators to be sure they will deliver what they claim.  You can check with other clients to see if they have had any success with their locations and vending machines.  If you have any questions that the locator doesn’t answer you may want to consider going to another vending machine locator.  If you check them out you will be sure of doing more business.  Although you can find locations on your own, it is easier and usually more lucrative to use a locator to find locations for your machines.  Once you get a good location, you can begin to make a nice profit on your machines.  The store owners will also make a nice profit and may eventually have you add more machines to their businesses. Review the vending locators and make a wise choice.

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