Vending Machine Locations in the USA

Vending Machine Locations in the USA

Do you often find yourself just asking what makes a place quality vending machine locations? If yes, then I have the answers for you.

Unless you do not really care about your money, then do not buy too many vending machines until you have found good locations for them. Contrary to what others are saying, vending machines can be expensive and you cannot afford to put them in a place where they are not suited. You will have to secure good vending machine locations for them so that they can fully serve their worth and purpose.

Look for companies that have a lot of walk-in traffic. When placing a vending machine at a business that has a lot of walk-in traffic, try to place the machine where everyone will have access to it. Do not hide it in the back where only the few employees who work there can use it. Your vending machine needs to be very visible in a place where there are a lot of walk-in traffic so you can maximize their full potential.

Companies that are ideal for vending machine locations are companies that have at least 15 or more employees. If a company has employees that are less than 15 then forget placing your vending machine there unless they have a lot of walk-in traffic. Remember, you need a place where there is a large market size for you to earn the kind of profit you want to earn.

You can also consider those companies that still do not the have the same type of vending machines you have. Though in some businesses competition is considered healthy, it does not apply to the vending industry. Putting your vending machines side by side with other similar vending machines could make you lose your money.

Setting aside competition, it is good if you find companies that are open six to seven days a week. If your customers are not going to frequent your vending machine location, then your vending machines will be useless. You have to pay close attention not only to the number of people going to the place, but also to the length of time and the kind of activities they engaged in.

If you feel you have already found yourself good vending machine locations, then the only problem now is that if the company will allow you to place your vending machines in their premises.

When trying to see if your vending machines will be allowed inside a company’s premise, be sure to talk to the decision maker. Typically when calling to secure small locations such as automotive centers, car washes, motels, hotels, pawn shops, etc., you can pretty much just ask to speak to the owner or manager. When calling large companies that have at least 75 or more employees you should call and ask for the Human Resources Department. On your first call, your main goal should be to get the decision maker’s name. That way, if he or she does not take your call then on your next call you can ask for the decision maker by his or her name and it will seem more personal.

The success of your vending business will mostly depend on the quality of your vending machine locations. If your vending machine locations are poor, then you won’t attract success. Success will only open its doors to those who have realized that the key to a profitable vending machine business is the right vending machine locations.

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