Vending Machine Locators – Horror Stories, Better Watch Out!

Many have fallen victim to a scam by Vending Machine Locators. All of these victims were all unsuspecting individuals who wanted nothing but a successful vending business but since they let their guards down, read what happened to them.

I decided to change and withhold the names of the parties involved for privacy and legal purposes.

Dumped Off Machines

Carl, from California, had signed a contract with a vending machine locator service to place his 50 bulk candy vending machines in
strategic locations. The locator completed his job in one day and Carl paid him in cash which the vending machine locators required. Just when Carl thought that everything was running smoothly, Carl received several phone calls from different business owners demanding the removal of his vending machines from their area. He found out that not only the vending locator was deceitful in identifying himself with the business owners, the vending locator also just dumped off his vending machines in random places. Carl had to remove his vending machines and was shocked when he saw that one of his vending machines was even placed amidst paint fumes and men wearing masks while painting cars.

Carl was very disappointed because John, the owner of the vending machine locator service, claimed that they were experts in finding the best type of vending location for his vending machines. Turned out that the vending locator service he dealt with was dishonest since 90% of his machines were all in bad locations and had to be relocated right away.

Carl attempted to contact John several times to no avail. The vending machine locator service until now, had taken no responsibility and had treated Carl’s contract with a complete disregard.

No Response, No Vending Locators

Lisa from Louisiana had paid a 50% deposit to a vending machine locator service that promised to find the best location possible for her vending machines. She was told that after the deposit was made, an in-person vending locator will contact her immediately to get the job done right away. The thing is, as weeks turned to months, and months to turned years, not a single person contacted her. She tried hard to contact the Vending Machine Locators again but it seemed that the vending locator service had their own ways of ignoring or blocking her calls.

There are far too many vending machine horror stories of this kind. The two stories I have written above are two of the most popular ones. In the first story, Carl made the mistake of locating through an in-person vending locator. Locating through an in-person vending locator will only lead to disaster because most of the time, they are clueless beings who just want to get the job done without caring for your needs. It is better that you secure vending locations through a telemarketer since telemarketers have updated leads and can easily make the call to negotiate with business managers, in different locations, where you want your machines to be placed.

Lisa, on the other hand, lost a huge amount of money because she failed to investigate the vending machine locator service first. If she had only taken the time to do research and check with the Better Business Bureau if the company is legitimate or not, then she should have avoided this.

I have always stressed again and again the importance of doing a background research about the vending machine locator service you are dealing with. If you think you do not have the time to do this, then make a deal at your own risk. If at the start you cannot invest a little of your time to investigate and be informed, then what more in the future? That is, if you still have a future after these scammers run away with all your money. Be careful and do not trust all Vending Machine Locators.


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