Vending Machine Placement

Vending Machine Placement can be a good idea, there are also a lot of things to avoid when dealing with Vending Placement.

First off in my list is to avoid dealing with vending machine placement that contract their work out to so-called vending locators in various states. There is a big chance that the vending placement you will hire is not at all familiar with the expertise and capabilities of their contractors. They might say that their contractors are experts, but how can you be sure? There is no way for you to validate their claims. Some vending machine placement are notorious for locating terrible vending locations. One way for you to avoid terrible locations is to stop yourself from dealing with these contractors.

Vending Placement Services that request full payment upfront is second on my list. Apparently, you should avoid dealing with a vending placement service like this for security reasons. Most of the time, vending locator companies only ask for a deposit payment and not a full one. A vending machine placement service that ask for a full one has clearly some ulterior motives of running away with your money. Before paying any upfront money, seek and consult an attorney to ensure the feasible and efficacy of the business proposition. If you are really required to pay a deposit, the attorney can review the contract and suggest something that can be fair for both you and vending placement. If the vending machine placement service won’t agree to a suggestion that is fair both parties, then I am sure you already know what to.

Third is, avoid, as much as possible, a vending machine placement that is new to the locating business. Of course not all new vending locator companies are fraudulent, but common sense will dictate that since they are new to the locating business, they are not yet that familiar with the ins and outs of getting a good location compared to those companies who have been in the business for years. I do not intend to discriminate, in fact, I certainly agree that they should be given a chance to prove their companies’ worth. But for customers, deal with them at your own risk.

Avoid a vending machine placement that mostly communicate by fax or email comes fourth. Think of this, honest vending machine placement services will not hide anything from you, but a dishonest one will take every measure to just communicate discreetly. It is all about customer service and how they treat their customers. If they treat you badly that they do not return your calls and only respond via email or fax then something must be wrong. And if at the start the vending locator cannot give an excellent customer service, then forget about them, chances are they are just after your money.

Lastly, avoid a service that offers vending machine placement that make promises such as “I can guarantee you to make so much money from each location.” Do not fall for what they are saying. They only say those words because they want to make a sale from you. If a vending placement company makes earning claims, make sure that they can provide a written substantiation to back up their claim.

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